BlackBerry and NantHealth are reported to Jointly Develop New Smartphone for Healthcare Industry

BlackBerry and NantHealth are reported to Jointly Develop New Smartphone for Healthcare Industry

The Globe and Mail have reported that BlackBerry and NantHealth are reportedly working together to create a smartphone that will cater to professionals in the healthcare industry.

The new device will supposedly be released either at the end of 2014 or early 2015, and will specialize in viewing 3D images and CT scans. On top of that, it will still have all the normal functions of a typical smartphone, such as playing different forms of media and games, as well as downloading consumer applications.

We have reached out to BlackBerry for confirmation on this story and they had the following comment:

“This investment and planned collaboration aligns with the reliability, security, and versatility of BlackBerry’s end-to-end solutions – from the embedded QNX operating system powering complex medical devices to secure cloud-based networks to instantaneous information sharing over BBM Protected and will include a device as well.”

New awesome game hit BlackBerry 10 – Total Conquest

New awesome games hit BlackBerry 10 - Total Conquest

Total Conquest from Gameloft Inc have now arrived to your BlackBerry 10, the game is free to download but consist of in game purchase such as buying virtual items.

Sound the call to battle and join legions of players online in a battle to control the Roman Empire! Total Conquest is an exciting and strategic social game where you are a Roman Governor developing your own city-state and army. But with Caesar dead, there’s no more playing games; You’ll need to join a powerful Legion- or forge your own – to defeat your enemies, protect your land and reign supreme. Vae Victis!

AirAsia Mobile for BlackBerry have updated to v2.1.1.1

AirAsia Mobile for BlackBerry have updated to v2.1.1.1

Always on the go? No problemo!, Book and check in your flights the easy way with the all new AirAsia Mobile App for BlackBerry with its easy booking and searching that allows you to book the lowest rate fare. Now the App have updated to v2.1.1.1 with the following updates:-

- New Add-on Duvet
- Check- in now requires Passenger’s Last Name
- Bug Fixes

BlackBerry Considering New Tablet by 2015

BlackBerry Considering New Tablet by 2015

Last week at the BlackBerry Experience event at a sit down with John Sims, President of Enterprise at BlackBerry, the question about a tablet arose. The answer was not at the moment but, “we see value in a tablet and I can tell you that John Chen REALLY likes the idea of a tablet.” That comment made me suspicious and I of course started to dig up info and reach out to everyone for more information. What I learned is very surprising.

BlackBerry is in fact considering a tablet. The tablet niche is not currently a priority for BlackBerry, but it’s something the company believes that they can sell to enterprise customers. Also, the company believes that it can be a huge asset to their entrance in the healthcare and other regulated industries. We were told that BlackBerry and NantHealth are jointly working on a smartphone that will be for the medical sector, but also available to consumers. I believe the new tablet device will have the same availability: built for enterprise and regulated industries, but available for the consumer too. BlackBerry also believes that the introduction of an Android storefront (i.e., 1Mobile or Amazon) to BlackBerry 10 can help with the content needed to sell a device like this. The belief is that if the hardware division sees stabilization this next BlackBerry tablet may be slated for Q4 of 2015.

Hardware specification for the rumored tablet is not yet available, but we’ll keep digging for more information. Additionally, let it be clear that while the company is considering plans for another tablet, it may not ever come to fruition. The management team of John Chen has an ear in the market and will respond accordingly.

Facebook for BlackBerry 10 Updated to v10.4.0.14

Facebook for BlackBerry 10 Updated to v10.4.0.14

A new update for the Facebook for BlackBerry 10 app has been pushed today to BlackBerry World. This release changes the default order of the Newsfeed from “Top Stories” to “Most Recent,” which will display any posts in chronological order. Users will still be able to sort the Newsfeed in whatever preference they chose though from the gear icon next to NewsFeed.

This update also contains various bug fixes, so if you haven’t already been prompted to update, check the link below and see if it’s gotten to your device already.

How secure is your Mobile devices?

How secure is your Mobile devices?

This question have been toss around for quite some time, depending on how your organization value its data, different company treat the seriousness of data used by employees differently. Organizations such as Banks, Insurance Healthcare and even governments will pay more attention to their data security and the type of devices that was being used by its employees.

This is a real story told by my friend, this happens to his ABC company, his ABC company is into logistics business and mobile devices are widely used especially with the BYOD trend, to his company they never though that they will be the victim of data theft and losses to their business and accounts. The ABC company uses Android based solutions and their employees and managers uses a famous free chat application that they use to create a group chat for employees.

For the past few months customers that have confirm with their services are cancelling at the last minute and shift to their competitors, this have been going on since Jun 2013. An investigation was launch and they found out that there are Malware and applications that was used to exploit the loop hole in the chat application and their Android devices. The competitor uses this to spy on their chat conversation and are able to know which customers they have contract with and perform a counter offer.

ABC company have since stop the free chat usage and insist their employee to install BBM and are now looking into getting BlackBerry BES 10 for their company. My friend contacted me on this and i have shown him my BlackBerry device which he tested it and found that it is suitable for his company needs. He told me the main thing they need now is a secure messaging system, GPS, email, and a secure workspace to separate their employee personal and work related apps.

So beware of what applications that you install in your mobile phones. For those Organization that feel that mobile security is not important think again, your employee could be an unknowing victim of a hacker or have install Malware in his device and your company could be losing  confidential information to hackers or your competitors.