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Why your Company should choose BlackBerry, the most secure MDM and Enterprise software and hardware in one

BlackBerry Today

  • BlackBerry is a mobile solution company that services the needs of customers looking for secure technologies that drive productivity, communications and collaboration.
  • BlackBerry has more than 44,000 patents, a suite of smartphones, the most secure enterprise mobility management platform and a popular messaging service that will be parlayed into a secure enterprise service for those customers looking for an end-to-end mobile solution.
  • In addition, our QNX embedded solution creates the building blocks for BlackBerry to deliver machine-to-machine technologies that will act as the backbone to the emerging era of the Internet of Things.
  • BlackBerry manages the mobile infrastructure of over tens of thousands of customers worldwide, including all G7 governments, 16 of the G20 governments and 10 out of 10 largest global enterprises in each of the pharmaceutical, law firm and automotive industries.
  • BlackBerry will continue to be the number one player for customers who care about productivity and enterprise mobility. BlackBerry is synonymous with security and privacy—it is built into everything we do, and we have been doing it longer and better than anyone else in the industry.
  • While we have a focus on the enterprise market, we still have a very compelling proposition for our retail customers who see the value in our iconic keyboard and productivity feature and application set. BlackBerry has invested years of research and development to create the world’s best mobile keyboard, and that will continue to be a fundamental differentiating focus for us.


Enterprise Business

  • BlackBerry is poised to tackle current and future challenges in enterprise mobility. We’ve taken the time to listen closely to our enterprise and government customers. And, in short order we have:
  • Developed a new BES12 platform that takes customers beyond EMM to application-enabled mobile environments.
    • Opened our mobility ecosystem by enabling AirWatch, Citrix, IBM and SAP to be the first MDM companies to manage BlackBerry 10 devices.
    • Made it significantly easier to migrate or upgrade to BES12 thanks to the EZ Pass Migration Program.
  • MDM has become table stakes; it’s no longer a meaningful point of differentiation. The differentiation for BlackBerry will be our ability to enable secure, productive mobile communications, collaboration and other applications.
    • The BlackBerry end-to-end experience will always be the paradigm, but we also help customers manage the full range of their mobility requirements—from the most open multi-platform BYOD environments to the most secure corporate-only use cases.
  • For more than a decade, BlackBerry has been the valued and trusted partner to global government agencies and enterprises, especially in the regulated industries.
    • BlackBerry remains the dominant mobile device management leader with an installed base of customers that is significantly larger than our top 3 competitors combined. 
    • Government and corporate customers around the world continue to rely on the unmatched security of BlackBerry. BlackBerry customers include all G7 governments, 16 of the G20 governments, and 10 out of 10 largest global enterprises.
    • BlackBerry 10 recently became the first and only mobility solution to receive Full Operational Capability (FOC) from DISA to run on DoD networks.
  • BlackBerry provides the industry’s most comprehensive mobile security platform, and we’re committed to advancing mobile security in order to continue delivering the unique level of protection BlackBerry customers rely upon.
  • No other company can claim BlackBerry’s security milestones including:
    • BlackBerry 10 is the first mobile solution to earn “Full Operational Capability” level of certification for operation on U.S. Department of Defense Networks.
    • BES10 and BlackBerry 10 smartphones were the first to be approved by NATO for classified communications up to “Restricted” level
    • Working with Secusmart, BlackBerry is the only vendor able to provide mobile devices that include anti-eavesdrop technology that meets the requirements of government organizations around the globe, including the German government.
  • The BlackBerry security model is the only model in the industry that encompasses hardware, manufacturing (supply chain), software, service authentication, VPN and behind the firewall management into a single end-to-end solution.
    • BlackBerry products and solutions are protected by best-in-class AES 256-bit encryption, a highly secure, internationally recognized data protection standard.
  • Security is at the core of what enables us to provide the mobile-first capabilities that enable enterprises to be more productive in the workplace.
  • BlackBerry has an aggressive plan to continue to lead the enterprise mobility market while also developing a broader set of tools and value-add services.
  • Today, BlackBerry has the largest enterprise mobility management install base in the industry, an unparalleled global infrastructure, and the deepest understanding of how to provide secure, productive mobile collaboration and communications in the enterprise space.
  • Our goal is to remain the number one provider of EMM solutions, with BES10 today and BES12 later this year, and we’re focused on providing our customers with increased choice and flexibility in how they will meet their employees’ mobility needs.


Consumer Privacy

  • BlackBerry® is synonymous with security; it’s baked into our solutions, deep in our DNA. We use the same countermeasures developed for heads of state to protect individual privacy.
  • For messaging, we have BBM®, BlackBerry®’s award winning instant messaging application, which relies on an anonymous PIN number to uniquely identify each user. Unlike most solutions in the market that rely on the user’s phone number or their email address, the unique PIN provides absolute anonymity. A user must share their PIN with another to connect over BBM® because we value the user’s privacy over viral growth.
  • Instead of asking millions of BlackBerry® users to purchase download and maintain anti-virus software on their devices, we scan each and every app in our cloud with BlackBerry®’s multi-layered approach for app-vetting. BlackBerry® Guardian and Trend Micro’s reputation engine ensure that apps that don’t meet our stringent security and privacy specifications are never on offer on our storefront.
  • Built into our operating system, Parental Controls provide clear options to restrict access to specific BlackBerry functions, features and applications such as the Browser and Messaging amongst others. BlackBerry Protect allows for tracking of lost or stolen devices to protect their users and the information they hold.blackberry_hq

BlackBerry Z10 Loudspeaker vs Xiaomi Loudspeaker

I was in a conference call today with my colleague, we have to use our phone as all of the company spider phones was being used by other meetings. I saw my colleague new Xiaomi phone so was asking him how was the phone he told me it was good and cheap. So I suggest to use his phone for the conference call since it’s new and he told me the sound was good. Guess what when we host the call the sound from other participant is so terrible we can’t understand what was being said and lots of static, my colleagues was assuring me it was fine when he listen to music, so in the end i use my trusty BlackBerry Z10 to host the call. My colleague was so surprised the sound and voice quality of my Z10 was so good, it was loud and clear. I think this is a plus point for BlackBerry. I really love my Z10 as it never fail to amaze me.


BlackBerry “Stop Missing Out!” Campaign Extends to September


Fans looking forward to spending time with their favourite local personalities will be pleased to know that the BlackBerry “Stop Missing Out!” campaign, launched last month, will be extended to September. Contest deadline has been extended to 5th September 2014, from the earlier deadline of 21st August 2014.

The BlackBerry “Stop Missing Out!” campaign gives Malaysians a chance to win fun-filled outings and activities with some of Malaysia’s top entertainers and celebrities, namely gregarious pop star Aizat Amdan, popular TV host Daphne Iking, radio personality and adventure junkie Rina Omar, and lovable TV personality Nazrudin Rahman.

The Contest

Anyone purchasing the new BlackBerry Z3 will be eligible for five (5) entries into the contest, while customers with any other BlackBerry 10 smartphone will be awarded three (3) entries each. Any customers using a BlackBerry device running the BlackBerry 7 OS or earlier will gain one entry. To participate, users must submit their entries online by uploading a picture of how their BlackBerry keeps them connected. The picture has to include their BlackBerry device.

The winners will be picked at the end of the campaign, with five winners tagged to each celebrity. They will get to spend the day on exciting experiences such as going on a shopping spree, attending a gig or going on a foodie tour. 

For more information on BlackBerry Malaysia’s “Stop Missing Out” campaign and to join the contest, log on to

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Pre-Register Now for the Latest BlackBerry Passport Information

Originally posted on Inside BlackBerry:

BlackBerry Passport, Pre-Registration, Launch , availability, sign up

It’s been close to a month since we started to offer the first glimpses of the new BlackBerry Passport. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen excitement for the device, its innovative features and purpose-built design. With all this attention, we want to ensure our fans are the first to know the latest information about the BlackBerry Passport and when you can purchase it.

Starting today, you can pre-register to receive emails about BlackBerry Passport availability and other upcoming BlackBerry products and services.

The BlackBerry Passport challenges the status quo with its large square touch screen that provides more viewing space for browsing, reading, viewing photos, or editing documents. Its touch-enabled keyboard allows for functions like flick to type, swipe to delete, scrolling, and fine cursor control to be carried out from the full QWERTY keyboard. The onboard high capacity battery is designed to keep up with…

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Giving Good Technology a History Lesson on Secure Browsing Capabilities

Originally posted on Inside BlackBerry:

In a July 10, 2014 blog post, Good Technology claims that it was the first to provide an “enterprise class secure browser to deliver support for Proxy auto-configuration files,” more commonly known as PAC files. Enterprise users that have multiple proxy servers may use PAC files to access URLs via web browsing or other applications. To simplify, just as a TV guide tells you what channel to select for a specific program, a PAC file will tell the device which proxy server to use to reach a specific URL destination.


Good needs a #BBFactCheck.

BlackBerry has been supporting PAC files on BlackBerry devices for years. We had it way back in 2003 with BlackBerry OS. So of course our latest platform, BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, supports PAC files – BlackBerry 10 OS starting on January 31, 2013, Secure Work Space for iOS on October 9, 2013 and Secure…

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How to save precious moments using BBM Chat History

Originally posted on Inside BlackBerry Help Blog:


Did you know that BBM offers you the ability to save the history of your chats with other BBM contacts?

By default, this feature isn’t turned on, but flip a switch within your BBM settings and you can view previously sent and received BBM messages with all of your BBM contacts.

For example, if you don’t have BBM Chat History enabled, your message is removed from your device when you end a chat. If you enable Save Chat History, when you close and re-open a BBM chat with a contact, a history of your conversation appears—just scroll up to review.

I use this feature so I always have the ability to go back and reference something a contact sent me in the past, or whenever I want to put a smile on my face by reviewing love notes I’ve sent back and forth with my wife. Call me cheesy, I…

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