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Is the Comparisons done by reviewers on BlackBerry, Android and I-Phone correct?

There is a lot of comparisons between all three phones and most reviewers will sideline BlackBerry and go for Android or I-Phone, but there is one thing that the comparisons is wrong is Android and I-phone is meant for general consumers, where BlackBerry phones are meant for Corporate its like comparing a fighter jet with Commercial Airlines and a heavy tractor with a Sedan. So the whole comparison is wrong. I think its what you use your phone for, I have I-phone, Android and BlackBerry and i use them for different purpose, BlackBerry is a work phone, it is stable, allows work to be done, i use it for remote access to my PC when i am oversea and it work like a charm, but i can’t do that on android or i-phone,as it will lagged get disconnected too frequently for any work to be done.

So for those who write a review they should be comparing the correct category of items and not comparing and orange with an apple. For those that really need work to be done, and you have not try the BlackBerry Passport i suggest you try it first, the reviews done by some do not do any justice to the device itself.


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How BBM Channels Are Leading the Convergence of Social and Mobile Media

Originally posted on Inside BlackBerry for Business Blog:

BBM ChannelsMass marketing — reaching the largest number of people possible — used to mean national TV, radio, newspapers and magazines. Not anymore. Today, mass marketing is increasingly happening through mobile and social media. BBM Channels combines the best of both.

BBM Channels is a social networking feature inside your BBM app. A BBM Channel is like a Facebook page or a Tumblr blog in that it’s a place to post messages and pictures, and also interact with people. But because it lives inside BBM, Channels is all about facilitating conversations, helping you directly connect with brands you like and chat with others about topics that interest you.

Keep ’em Separated

At its heart, BBM is a mobile messaging app, a tool that allows you to securely connect with colleagues, friends and family in real time. BBM has also evolved to become something bigger: a platform where consumers and companies can…

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Check it Out: BlackBerry Passport Rocks Leading Apps Via the Amazon Appstore on BB OS 10.3

Originally posted on Inside BlackBerry:

In case you didn’t know, the Amazon Appstore’s inclusion in the BlackBerry 10.3 update will transform the end-user experience, coinciding with the BlackBerry Passport’s release.

This is looking to be a serious incentive for those already considering switching from other platforms.

Coming pre-installed on BlackBerry Passport at release, the Amazon Appstore delivers a huge selection of free and paid apps that can run on all BlackBerry 10.3+-generation devices (and the free app of the day doesn’t hurt, either).

With the integration of the Amazon Appstore into BlackBerry 10.3, you’ll just tap on the Appstore icon, make your purchase, and revel as you enjoy your freedom!

Passport Home Screen

Easy As Pushing a Button

With BlackBerry 10.3, accessing a wealth of apps is as easy as pushing a button (okay, you’re actually tapping an icon, but you get the meaning).

I was really impressed by the way the Passport runs Android apps. There’s a…

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How to find a lost BlackBerry 10 smartphone using BlackBerry Protect

Originally posted on Inside BlackBerry Help Blog:

It’s a scenario no one wants to encounter but here’s a quick overview how you can help locate your BlackBerry 10 smartphone using BlackBerry Protect if you can’t find it.

Tip: Using a BlackBerry OS device? Check out this post for help locating your device using BlackBerry Protect.

Step 1 – Enable BlackBerry Protect and turn on Location Services

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