ARKick wins AngelHack BlackBerry Challenge, giving 30% off on sale

Launched on BlackBerry 10! ARKick will eventually be coming to iOS and Android in the coming months. If you have watched Iron Man Movie before, think something similar but in your Smartphone.

ARKick is the world’s first contextual Augmented Reality app. It suggests the user relevant places using contextual filters in an Augmented Reality view.

ARKick helps you find the best places around them using contextual factors like weather, time, temperature and also popular personalized places through social networks. Apart from showing places, the user can get information like time to reach the place, directions in a map view, an option to call, ratings and other essential information.

Using SideKick Engine, ARKick finds the best possible places around you at the current time.
We recommend you have a good internet network and active location services for the app to function optimally. It has been developed using hybrid technologies (Cascades and HTML5) to deliver high performance. The app works internationally.
‘ARKick is your personal, contextual, social, Augmented Reality Sidekick.’
Optimised for the Z10, Z30, Q10 and Q5.
Winner of AngelHack Start-Up Asia Pacific Challenge and the People’s Choice Award at BlackBerry Jam Asia!


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