BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10

A nice video about BES 10, suitable for those considering to deploy and to upgrade their BlackBerry Enterprise Service.

BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 is redefining Enterprise Mobility Management by delivering comprehensive device, security and application management for BlackBerry, iOS and Android devices — both personal and company owned. Administrators can manage all these capabilities from one intuitive central console with an easy to use graphical interface. Combining a BlackBerry 10 device with BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 delivers the ultimate solution that satisfies your organisations Enterprise Mobility Management needs whilst preserving personal use and privacy through BlackBerry Balance.

Organizations can also deploy business applications and manage a corporate app storefront — BlackBerry World for Work — included as standard and from the same unified management console. Where multiple devices, ownership models, applications and operating environments exist, BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 perfectly balances end user and corporate needs to keep your business moving.

To learn more you can head to


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