More BlackBerry Z10 bargains from UK retailer Carphone Warehouse

More BlackBerry Z10 bargains from UK retailer Carphone Warehouse

The UK retailer now has the Z10 up for grabs from as little as £10.50 per month on a 24 Orange month contract. I’ll be honest and say you don’t get a great deal for your money – 30 minutes, 500 SMS and 100MB of data, but for the kids this one could be attractive.

However, for just 50 pence more a month more you can get the Z10 on T-Mobile and that deal will net you 100 minutes, unlimited SMS and 1GB of data – which certainly looks more attractive. And remember – if you want the option to purchase the Z10 SIM free then you are only looking at £179.95!

There’s no up front cost for the BlackBerry Z10 on these deals and Carphone Warehouse still have a few options which come with free tablets


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