BBM Channel have you tried it?

BBM Channel have you tried it?

BlackBerry BBM have launch its new features the BBM Channel. Within the BBM universe, Channels exists as a way for individuals to follow and engage with companies and products in a safe, forum-like community, and for those companies to track the myriad data points and metrics to use in their own analytics.

The aim is to allow conversations between users and brands, celebrities, artists, etc later on. Subscribing to a Channel will let users join conversations with people who share their interests. Content on the channel is decided by those who own the channel. If you already have BBM installed, you should upgrade your app and the BBM Channels feature will be added. Users can update via BlackBerry World and select My World where the update should be visible. To find Channels and join the conversation on BBM, all you need to do is open BBM and tap the menu icon in the bottom-left corner followed by selecting Channels. You’ll be shown a collection of featured channels and posts that might interest you, or you can search for other channels.

Come join BBRY4U at our channel add us at C0016941C


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