BlackBerry 10.2.1 Launching in January 2014?

BlackBerry 10.2.1 Launching in January 2014?

There are talks over at N4BB reporting that 10.2.1 could be launching in January 2014, if that is true that it would be cool as users will get to download Android APK files direct and run them to install Android applications.

Report from N4BB:-

We might see BlackBerry 10.2.1 become official as soon as January 2014 for all BlackBerry 10 devices. One of our readers attended the virtual event and asked the following:

Caleb Squires: I heard blackberry will release an update in January that will allow all BB10 devices running 10.2.1 to directing install android apk files, is that true?

Justin Jasmann (BlackBerry – Android): That is true, yes.

It will be interesting to see if BlackBerry will make the January launch of 10.2.1


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