BBM 10.3 BETA Rundown by Berry Flow

BBM beta seems to have a lot of cool stuff coming to us.

BlackBerry has kept the pedal down for the BBM teams who keep plumbing new features and efficiency into their BlackBerry Messenger Platform. With the newest BBM for BB10 BETA (which was opened to a limited mount of users within the BB Beta Zone) there is a new features utilizing a partnership with Glympse Inc; you can now send your location in real time and receiving users will be able to see your progress as you head toward your destination. This isn’t address sharing it’s location tracking in real time and it’s freaking awesome.

What’s more they’ve refined the whole attachment process docking the paper clip on the left to allow for easy inline access. You can now snap a picture an share effortlessly. As well they’ve streamlined the Voice Note sharing to create a “Push to Talk” experience which is quite pleasant in use. Also, they’ve added in filtered sharing making sharing items a bit more concise although I’d like to see more options in the future.

What’s more! Over 100+ new emoticons all sorts and they are a welcomed treat. But wait, there’s even more–BlackBerry has also upped the BBM Group user count from a 30 max to a 50 user max which is a very welcomed (long time coming) update as well. BBM is growing, showing its legs and BlackBerry is ready to bring all this and more to users on iOS and Android early in 2014. Stay tuned for more.


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