Near Field Communication (NFC) using BlackBerry Z10 Part 1

BBRY4U shows you how to use NFC tags for your day to day life using your Z10.

Types of NFC tags-
– NFC Stickers
– NFC Key fobs
– NFC wristband
– NFC hang tags
– NFC cards

NFC tag type definitions

There are four basic tag types that have been defined. These are given designations 1 to 4 and each has a different format and capacity. These NFC tag type formats are based on ISO 14443 Types A and B which is the international standard for contact-less smartcards) and Sony FeliCa which conforms to ISO 18092, the passive communication mode, standard).

The advantage of keeping the NFC tags as simple as possible is that they may be deemed to be disposable in many instances, often embedded in posters that may only have a short life, etc.

The different NFC tag type definitions are as follows:

Tag 1 Type: The Tag 1 Type is based on the ISO14443A standard. These NFC tags are read    and re-write capable and users can configure the tag to become read-only. Memory availability is 96 bytes which is more than sufficient to store a website URL or other small amount of data. However the memory size is expandable up to 2 kbyte. The communication speed of this NFC tag is 106 kbit/s. As a result of its simplicity this tag type is cost effective and ideal for many NFC applications.
Tag 2 Type: The NFC Tag 2 Type is also based on ISO14443A. These NFC tags are read and re-write capable and users can configure the tag to become read-only. The basic memory size of this tag type is only 48 bytes although this can be expanded to 2 kbyte. Again the communication speed is 106 kbit/s.
Tag 3 Type: The NFC Tag 3 Type is based on the Sony FeliCa system. It currently has a 2 kbyte memory capacity and the data communications speed is 212 kbit/s. Accordingly this NFC tag type is more applicable for more complex applications, although there is a higher cost per tag.
Tag 4 Type: The NFC Tag 4 Type is defined to be compatible with ISO14443A and B standards. These NFC tags are pre-configured at manufacture and they can be either read / re-writable, or read-only. The memory capacity can be up to 32 kbytes and the communication speed is between 106 kbit/s and 424 kbit/s.

Below is how you can use NFC tag for your daily life:-

NFC TAG No 1 (Bedside Table) – Tap to set phone silent, Set alarm
NFC TAG No 2 (In Car) – Tap to turn off wifi, run Waze or other map applications, turn on
blue tooth to play MP3
NFC TAG No 3 (Office Desk) – Tap to turn off bluetooth, turn off map, turn down
volume/silent phone and turn on office wifi.
NFC TAG No 4 (Office Meeting room) – Tap to turn phone silent, launch presentation app.
NFC TAG no 5 (House front door) – Tap to unlock door, turn on home wifi, turn up volume


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