Blaq for BlackBerry 10 Gets A Huge Update to v1.3 – Adds Hub Integration, Lite Theme, And More

Blaq for BlackBerry 10 Gets A Huge Update to v1.3 – Adds Hub Integration, Lite Theme, And More

The super popular Twitter client, Blaq, is getting a gigantic update this week after a relatively quiet last few months. Jerome Carty of Kisai Labs has been working his tail off with this new update, and trust us when we say this, it’s well worth the wait. The latest update, v1.3, brings a ton of new features and some welcome changes to what many, myself included, consider the best Twitter client on the planet.

The big new feature is the addition of full Hub integration. Blaq will now appear in your Hub with its own icon in its own Hub subset. You can have your mentions, and DMs appear directly on there with fantastic push services. Of course, if you don’t want to have Blaq in your Hub, for some weird reason, the option will also be there to not include it. There are a ton of other changes that have been implemented, so check out the change log below, and go download it!

New Features

  • Hub Integration – Blaq now *fully* integrates with BlackBerry Hub. Your mentions and direct messages from multiple accounts are now easier to access on BlackBerry 10.
  • Detailed Active Frame – In addition to seeing tweets, indicators for new tweets, mentions and direct messages are displayed so you know when to take action.
  • Lite Theme – For the first time in the history of Blaq, we’ve seen the light. Light theme, that is! Be sure to test this one out!
  • BlackBerry ID Synchronization – For those who like to format their devices for whatever reason, your settings and mutes are now backed up automatically!

Other notable additions

  • Tweet post status with progress bar for photo uploads
  • Change your profile banner directly within the app
  • Friend picker is now available within in the search
  • BBM Pins are now recognized in tweets and direct messages
  • Most requests are now compressed to save on data usage
  • The account limit has now been increased to 3. This restraint is due to a token limit imposed by Twitter on third party developers.
  • Labels have now been added to the left toolbar. Pull the timeline to the right to see them.


  • Add Mute screen was cut off (Q5/Q10)
  • Crash on exit
  • Active frame doesn’t show on first launch
  • BBM Channel pin parser breaks tweet when mention contains hex-only characters
  • Hashtags with unicode characters (accents, arabic, etc) used incorrect format when searching
  • Pressing enter in search does nothing
  • Notifications are still received when an account is deleted from the app.
  • Mutes don’t expire
  • Enlarging photos shows a blank screen
  • Minor cosmetic issues
  • Arbitrary text that *may* match a channel pin is not a channel
  • DM friend picker full name not showing
  • Searches using screenname aren’t found
  • Real-time stream kicking the bucket
  • When a user is blocked, Block still shows in the profile menu

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