January 28th rumored as the date BlackBerry 10.2.1 will begin rolling out

January 28th rumored as the date BlackBerry 10.2.1 will begin rolling out

Report by Crackberry:-

When it comes to BlackBerry 10.2.1 there has been plenty of speculation surrounding its release. As far back as June of 2013, we’ve been hearing that mid January was the release time frame for some carriers and then a further maintenance release of 10.2.1+ will arrive in June 2014. Needless to say, that hasn’t happened yet but there’s plenty of evidence mounting that the release is not that far off.

There is developer events scheduled for near the end of January to show off 10.2.1, some carriers have already suggested January, the recent leak of OS has oddly been updated with new files and resigned as of January 8th, the developer version of the 10.2.1 OS is available for download and now multiple sources are claiming January 28th as the release date in regions such as EMEA and APAC while others are claiming that it will be a ‘Global’ roll out.

Now, I know what some folks are thinking. You don’t even have BlackBerry 10.2 yet and you’re entirely right for thinking that way because when it really comes down to it, an official release date doesn’t mean much if your carrier never pushes it out to the masses. But that fact reminds of another rumor I heard back in June 2013, that some U.S. carriers had no intention of pushing BlackBerry 10.2 in the first place, which as far as I can tell ended up being true for Q10 and Z10 users, especially those on Verizon. This time around they could be more likely to get it out ASAP, as it is the update which they’ve been waiting for to release.

The date of January 28th may or may not end up being correct but if it is, great! If not, well we’re left waiting. However, 10.2.1 packs a lot of new features including the ability to run Android APK files simply by directly downloading them, a feature that many people are using right now through leaks, and of course it also has a ton of features added to the core OS that improves BlackBerry 10 significantly. It’s worth the wait of BlackBerry improving it even further if need be. Again though, BlackBerry themselves have not confirmed this roll out so alas, we’re all left waiting to see what happens.


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