Kiwi Wonder updated to v. – Fixes bugs

Kiwi Wonder updated to v. – Fixes bugs

Everyone has a dream, and for this particular Kiwi, it is to fly like all the other birds. With a little help from Mily the Dream Pixie his wish is fulfilled when she shows him the way to Wonderland.

Dream the dream and fly! Challenge your friends and get the ultimate high-score in this challenging action game.

Soar through surrealistic landscapes, avoid the mean birds or stomp them on their snickering faces and collect as many coins as you can before you wake up!

Kiwi Wonder has been updated to v.

What’s New in v1.1.4.15:

– Removed funkoi game promotion popups
– ​Fixed menu system bug
– Kiwi Glider can now touch the ground
– Fixed shop bug
– Fixed mission bugs
– PlayBook version is now up to date with BB10 version
– Overall balancing


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