BlackBerry 10 Compass and Calculator Gets Updated in BlackBerry World

BlackBerry 10 Compass and Calculator Gets Updated in BlackBerry World

To go along with the update of BlackBerry World, two of the BlackBerry 10 core apps are being updated right now as well. The BlackBerry 10 Calculator and Compass apps are showing new versions available. Both simply just list bug fixes and stability improvements as the changes. It should be noted though that these updates don’t seem to be appearing on official OS releases for everyone as of yet.

They seem to be only appearing on devices running a leaked OS such as the early version of but that’s not really confirmed, just appears that way and while some folks are getting them downloaded others are getting errors while trying to download. If you see them available, go ahead and update. If not, they’ll almost certainly come with the 10.2.1 update once that is fully released.


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