EA Games go free for BlackBerry 10 – in selected countries

EA Games go free for BlackBerry 10 - in selected countries

EA Games have now provide some love for BlackBerry by giving some of their famous games free! Depending on what BlackBerry 10 device you own will depict how many titles you’ll see in BlackBerry World as some are all-touch only. Either way it’s all good news – as long as you are in a qualifying country. So far the promotion is regional specific ;¬†Australia, China, Germany, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Morocco, Philippines, Romania, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam only.

The full list of (now) free games are as follows:

– Battleship for Blackberry 10
– Bejeweled 2 for Blackberry 10
– Boggle for Blackberry 10
– Dead Space for BlackBerry 10
– Flight Control Rocket for BlackBerry 10
– Monopoly Millionaire for BlackBerry 10
– Mass Effect: Infiltrator for BlackBerry 10
– NBA Jam for BlackBerry 10
– Need for Speed Undercover for BlackBerry 10
– Plants vs Zombies for BlackBerry 10
– Sim City Deluxe for BlackBerry 10
– The Game of Life for BlackBerry 10
– Monopoly for Blackberry 10
– Yahtzee for BlackBerry 10
– Tetris for BlackBerry 10


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