BBM for Android Gingerbread: It’s Finally Here!

BBM for Android Gingerbread: It’s Finally Here!

In January 2014, BlackBerry hinted a special release of BBM for Android Gingerbread users was in the works. There was a fair bit of chatter since then that BBM for Android Gingerbread was coming to town. After much anticipation, the popular messaging service has finally been made available for Android Gingerbread users since 19 February 2014!

Helpful Links:Download it now on Google Play for free or visit from your Android Gingerbread smartphone.Do also check out what Jeff Gadway, Head of Product and Brand Marketing for BBM had to say about this new release:

With 21 per cent of the global Android user base running on Gingerbread, this is indeed an exciting move to welcome plenty of new users to the BBM community. #BBM4ALL


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