BlackBerry’s QNX To Replace Microsoft In Ford’s In Sync System

BlackBerry’s QNX To Replace Microsoft In Ford’s In Sync System

Ford will be replacing Microsoft’s in Sync system with BlackBerry’s QNX for their in-car technologies going forward. This is according to a report from Bloomberg published today. People close to the matter suggest Ford is moving to QNX for a variety of reasons, including cost. QNX will be less expensive than licensing Microsoft technology, and it will improve the flexibility and speed of the next Sync system. Bloomberg’s sources have chosen to remain anonymous because this move has still not officially been publicized.

Striking a deal with Ford would be a huge win for BlackBerry and QNX, as they face great competition in the next few years in the in-car technology realm with Apple and Google gearing up to join them in that business.

Representatives from Ford, and BlackBerry have declined to comment, but if this indeed ends up happening, we’re sure to hear about it soon.


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