Mercedes AMG Petronas BBM Channel Hits 100,000 Subscribers

Lewis Hamilton was on stage for BlackBerry announcing BBM Channels back in May of 2013 at BlackBerry Live in Orlando FL. They took to their blog to share partner news that in the last year the base has grown dramatically– increasing by more than 150% this year alone.

Much of the Channel feed is engaging segments: Nico Roseberg having a channels chat with fans is an example of the direct engagement available. What’s helped growth as well is the cross platform proliferation of the BBM experience. which has also added many unique and dedicated fans to the platform from iOS and Android. Mercedes AMG Petronas reached out on their blog to say thank you, and that they have the #BestFans as they pass this 100,000 subscriber milestone.

There’s pride in the partnership, they make mention that BBM has been the staple mobile messaging experience since 2005 and has always facilitated personal active conversation, and always drives innovation. Subscribers like the privacy of the application and the immediacy of the information the Channel provides.


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