New BlackBerry Devices in FY2015 Z3 LTE, Classic and Passport


During the special meeting today after the initial earnings call where BlackBerry beat street estimates of performance. BlackBerry is padding the good news train with a tease of 3 devices for fiscal year 2015 aka most of calendar 2014.

Pictured we see the much rumored Passport device a 4.5inch QWERTY phablet that sizes up much like an actual passport. The device will come out in Black and White and have a rich accessory ecosystem for end-users to take advantage of. The once named Q20 which has been renamed as the BlackBerry Classic to bridge the BB10 and BBOS user bases an of course the Z3 which is set to launch with an LTE variant with added RAM by the end of this year.

Overall these new devices will keep people looking forward as BlackBerry works tirelessly to deliver on their commitments and hyper focus on on enterprise mobility software, services and hardware.


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