BlackBerry in India to launch healthcare services program

A new report from CrackBerry confirms that BlackBerry plans to help launch a new healthcare services program in India that will be designed to link thousands of medical devices together.

The Economic Times quotes Sunil Lalvani, the managing director of BlackBerry India, as saying, “We are running trials with multiple hospitals in India. It includes integration with different hospital information systems as well as various medical equipment.” However, he stopped short of offering an official launch date for the program.

Blackberry announced it had made an investment in medical solutions provider NantHealth back in April. Today’s report confirms that BlackBerry and NantHealth are teaming up to launch the India healthcare program, which will integrate NantHealth’s Clinical Operating System (cOS) platform with BlackBerry’s QNX.

NantHealth’s system is already in use in 250 hospitals worldwide, which links up 16,000 medical devices that collect vital sign data. What do you think of this latest effort by BlackBerry to expand its business beyond smartphones?


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