BlackBerry Z10 Loudspeaker vs Xiaomi Loudspeaker

I was in a conference call today with my colleague, we have to use our phone as all of the company spider phones was being used by other meetings. I saw my colleague new Xiaomi phone so was asking him how was the phone he told me it was good and cheap. So I suggest to use his phone for the conference call since it’s new and he told me the sound was good. Guess what when we host the call the sound from other participant is so terrible we can’t understand what was being said and lots of static, my colleagues was assuring me it was fine when he listen to music, so in the end i use my trusty BlackBerry Z10 to host the call. My colleague was so surprised the sound and voice quality of my Z10 was so good, it was loud and clear. I think this is a plus point for BlackBerry. I really love my Z10 as it never fail to amaze me.



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