Is the Comparisons done by reviewers on BlackBerry, Android and I-Phone correct?

There is a lot of comparisons between all three phones and most reviewers will sideline BlackBerry and go for Android or I-Phone, but there is one thing that the comparisons is wrong is Android and I-phone is meant for general consumers, where BlackBerry phones are meant for Corporate its like comparing a fighter jet with Commercial Airlines and a heavy tractor with a Sedan. So the whole comparison is wrong. I think its what you use your phone for, I have I-phone, Android and BlackBerry and i use them for different purpose, BlackBerry is a work phone, it is stable, allows work to be done, i use it for remote access to my PC when i am oversea and it work like a charm, but i can’t do that on android or i-phone,as it will lagged get disconnected too frequently for any work to be done.

So for those who write a review they should be comparing the correct category of items and not comparing and orange with an apple. For those that really need work to be done, and you have not try the BlackBerry Passport i suggest you try it first, the reviews done by some do not do any justice to the device itself.



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