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Most Secure BlackBerry Ever Can Be Yours For $2,770

Most Secure BlackBerry Ever Can Be Yours For $2,770

Secusmart has done something pretty awesome; the most secure BlackBerry Z10 in the world, and it can be yours for $2,770.

Secusmart GmbH provided German chancellor Angela Merkel super-secure Z10 when news broke that NSA was spying on her conversations, and now they are selling BlackBerry Z10 with same level of security for anyone who’s willing to pay the price.

You might be thinking “Why would I want that much security” but Secusmart CEO Hans-Christoph Quelle says the niche is widening and goes beyond intelligence agencies and now any regular user concerned about their security can have access to it.

If you had the money, would you get the most secure BlackBerry in the world?