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Mercedes AMG Petronas BBM Channel Hits 100,000 Subscribers

Lewis Hamilton was on stage for BlackBerry announcing BBM Channels back in May of 2013 at BlackBerry Live in Orlando FL. They took to their blog to share partner news that in the last year the base has grown dramatically– increasing by more than 150% this year alone.

Much of the Channel feed is engaging segments: Nico Roseberg having a channels chat with fans is an example of the direct engagement available. What’s helped growth as well is the cross platform proliferation of the BBM experience. which has also added many unique and dedicated fans to the platform from iOS and Android. Mercedes AMG Petronas reached out on their blog to say thank you, and that they have the #BestFans as they pass this 100,000 subscriber milestone.

There’s pride in the partnership, they make mention that BBM has been the staple mobile messaging experience since 2005 and has always facilitated personal active conversation, and always drives innovation. Subscribers like the privacy of the application and the immediacy of the information the Channel provides.

BBM for BlackBerry 10 have been updated to v10.3.3.68

BBM for BlackBerry 10 have been updated to v10.3.3.68

BBM the world favorite chat app have release an update to v10.3.3.68 bringing host of new changes and features:-

– Faster, easier Sharing- quickly add photos, voice notes, files and attachments from
smartphone or dropbox account
– Location sharing – Share your location temporarily, powered by Glympse. Your
location is updated live on a map, right in BBM. When the timer runs out your
is private again.
– 100 new emoticons – Get your point across with great new emojis.
– Find Friends- Quickly find and add new BBM contacts from your smartphone contact
– Larger BBM Groups – You can now chat and share with 50 people in your BBM Group

Next up for BBM… a preview of what is coming!

The BBM team haven’t slowed down since launching BBM for iPhone and Android in October and BBM Channels for BlackBerry 10 and BBOS in November. They have been working on some new ways to make it faster and easier to share with your BBM contacts. Whether it’s talking with BBM Voice, connecting over a BBM Channel, sending a quick photo, or even sharing your location, there’s more to BBM than just chatting. Here’s what’s up next from BBM:

1. BBM Voice for iPhone and Android

bbmscreen1Or as I like to say, free voice calls to any BBM contact anywhere in the world! Just another way that BBM helps to bring you together with people when you can’t be there in person – without having to pay long distance charges

2. BBM Channels for iPhone and Android

bbmscreens21BBM Channels are a great way to join conversations happening with the BBM community beyond your contact list. By creating your own channel you can start conversations sparked by your thoughts, ideas and passions. Subscribing to a BBM channel lets you join conversations with others who share your interests.

3. Faster and easier sharing – from photos to voice notes, your location and more

bbmscreens3BBM chats happen fast – so fast it’s like you’re there in the same room. Now you can share just about anything with that same speed. Share photos in a snap, send a voice note with just one touch and more. And get this, you can even share your location, live, for a limited time with any contact you choose. When the timer runs out your location is private again. Perfect for when you’re meeting up with friends, stuck in traffic or lost at a concert

4. Lots of new emoticons

bbmemoticonsSpeaking of emoticons, ask and ye shall receive. We’ve got loads of new emoticons to help you make your point. 100 new emoticons in all! This includes a bunch that came from you, our fans. We can’t wait for you to meet all our new emoticons from ROTFL, Epic Fail, Face palm, a serious hug and yes, even a smiley-poo.

BBM Emoticons anyone?

BBM Emoticons anyone?

BlackBerry is busy creating more emoticons for BBM users, they have ask what type of emoticons that you like… it was reported over at N4BB that Pat Wallace found images of new BBM emoticons within the Channels Manager. He immediately set out to decode the short code for these emoticons and so far 10 have been revealed and seem to be working for many users across many OS versions of BB10. You can use the list below to create the symbols on your own device, and see the full array of new images as well. Enjoy your Emoticons, lets hope there will be more when BBM release their next update.


Unique visitors from around the world visit BBRY4U

Unique visitors from around the world visit BBRY4U

Who say BlackBerry is dead? Statistics at BBRY4U shows visitors from around the world that visit on 27th November alone is amazing, we have been receiving many questions and interest shown on BBM, new BB10 devices, and the recently launched BBM Channel. We thank all those that support BBRY4U and BlackBerry and we will continue to bring the latest news and updates to all of you.

BBM Channel have you tried it?

BBM Channel have you tried it?

BlackBerry BBM have launch its new features the BBM Channel. Within the BBM universe, Channels exists as a way for individuals to follow and engage with companies and products in a safe, forum-like community, and for those companies to track the myriad data points and metrics to use in their own analytics.

The aim is to allow conversations between users and brands, celebrities, artists, etc later on. Subscribing to a Channel will let users join conversations with people who share their interests. Content on the channel is decided by those who own the channel. If you already have BBM installed, you should upgrade your app and the BBM Channels feature will be added. Users can update via BlackBerry World and select My World where the update should be visible. To find Channels and join the conversation on BBM, all you need to do is open BBM and tap the menu icon in the bottom-left corner followed by selecting Channels. You’ll be shown a collection of featured channels and posts that might interest you, or you can search for other channels.

Come join BBRY4U at our channel add us at C0016941C

BBM for BlackBerry 10 updated to version v10.2.25.101

BBM for BlackBerry 10  updated to version v10.2.25.101

BlackBerry has just released a new update for BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for BB10 devices, which brings new features and improvements.

The most important change is the addition of BBM Channels, allowing for real conversations between people, brands and communities.

BBM Channels has been in beta for more than half of the year and the new features have just got out of BlackBerry Beta Zone to be included in BBM for BB10 devices.

According to BlackBerry, BBM Channels will be released on Android and iOS in the coming months, along with other important improvements.


BBM Channels
• BBM Channels is a forum for active, real conversations happening right now between people, brands and communities.
• By creating a Channel, you can start conversations sparked by your thoughts, ideas and passions.
• Subscribing to Channels lets you join conversations with others who share your interests.

Enhanced BBM Updates
• The BBM Updates feed is now richer, and more graphical. It blends personal updates, as well as Channels updates, for a rich viewing experience

Performance enhancements
• This new version also includes a number of updates to the BBM user experience


Chat with friends on BlackBerry, iPhone and Android.
• BBM is always on and always connected – no app to open
• Know when messages have been delivered (D’s) and read (R’s)
• Share photos, files, documents, voice notes and more
• See when contacts are responding to your message
• Emoticons for every mood and emotion let you express yourself

BBM lets you protect your privacy. You control it:
• You chose how to share your information – BBM uses PINs instead of phone numbers or email addresses so that it’s more private, and you always control who can contact you
• You chose your contacts – 2-way opt-in means you have control over who is able to message you

Chat and Share with many at once:
• BBM Groups – BBM groups help you share pictures, lists, and appointments with group members. You can even be in a group with people who aren’t part of your own BBM contact list.
• Multi-person chats – Invite multiple contacts to have a chat together.
• Broadcast messages – Send a message to multiple BBM contacts at one time.

Create your own BBM profile:
• Post a profile picture using images, pictures or even animated pictures (GIFs).
• Update your status to let people know what you’re up to or how you feel