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MockIt! Comes Out Of Beta And Lands In BlackBerry World

MockIt! Comes Out Of Beta And Lands In BlackBerry World

The first ever non-BlackBerry made app to go into the Beta Zone, MockIt!, is now officially out of beta, and in BlackBerry World. If you didn’t test out MockIt! while the beta was going on (you can watch our hands-on video with MockIt! here), we’ll fill you in on what this awesome app does. MockIt! is a 100% native meme and collage maker that allows the user the most customization out of any other similar app out there. Creating your own custom meme is ridiculously easy with MockIt!, as is adding text and sharing to your contacts. Aside from memes, you can also mock up your own screenshots to make some seriously nice looking high-res renders.

Full list of features for MockIt! for BlackBerry 10

Natively built
Meme generator
6 available color schemes for the UI
Device Mock creator
Photo Frame studio
Two free sticker collections
20+ Photo Frame templates
Smooth, beautiful, and fast interface

MockIt! is also free, which in my opinion automatically makes it a must download app. You can purchase stickers packs within the app if you so decide to, but it’s obviously not required. MockIt! supports all BlackBerry 10 devices with OS 10.2 and up. The download link is below, but it may take BlackBerry World a little bit to process, so don’t be alarmed if it’s not live just yet.


All EA Games is Free For a Limited Time at BlackBerry World

All EA Games is Free For a Limited Time at BlackBerry World

For the next week, BlackBerry and EA have teamed up to offer all of their games in BlackBerry World for free. Yes you read that correctly. Free!


That’s a selection of 15 games that you can get on your BlackBerry phones for zero fee. Quickly download them now.


The offer starts February 20th and goes until the 28th, so that’s a little more than a week to try all 15 games and pick which ones you’d like to keep.

Celebrate 7 Days of Love – Day 6 Giveaway at BlackBerry World

Celebrate 7 Days of Love – Day 6 Giveaway at BlackBerry World

Well its the second last day to the free giveaway by BlackBerry World, today we have InstaVenue a unique native location based photo app that overlays your current weather and location on your photos. You can share the weather info of the place where you currently are on top of your photo that you have shot with your BlackBerry device. Hurry download it now this is a must have application in BlackBerry World

Celebrate 7 Days of Love – Day 5 Giveaway at BlackBerry World

Celebrate 7 Days of Love – Day 5 Giveaway at BlackBerry World

Day 5 of the Celebrate 7 Days of Love brings you Max Contact Manager where you can take all contacts or selective contacts to be backup easily, You can choose to restore back up created by this app or some other apps, merge and delete duplicate contacts. Download now at BlackBerry World.

BlackBerry World updated to v5.0.0.131

BlackBerry World updated to v5.0.0.131

BlackBerry World the storefront for BlackBerry app have seen the latest update to v5.0.0.131 bringing changes to:-

– Search suggestions are now available to help you easily find content you want.
– Add Bookmark now appears on the action bar giving you a faster way to build a list of
items you want to download at a later time.
– There is an uninstall option on the content details page to make it easierto remove apps
that you no longer want.
– Accessibility support for BlackBerry Screen Reader
– Performance enhancements
– Bug Fixes

Celebrate 7 Days of Love – Day 2 Giveaway at BlackBerry World

Celebrate 7 Days of Love – Day 2 Giveaway at BlackBerry World

Day 2 of free Giveaway saw the app Call Recorder 10 being given away for free. Call Recorder for BlackBerry 10 allows you to record the incoming and outgoing calls on your device. The Call Recorder encrypts and records your calls for your personal use. You can send and share those recordings via email or extract using USB. Hurry download it now at BlackBerry World.