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Celebrate 7 Days of Love – Day 1 Giveaway at BlackBerry World

Celebrate 7 Days of Love - Day 1 Giveaway at BlackBerry World

The folks at BlackBerry World have bring us the Day 1 Giveaway at BlackBerry World, today we have the app:-

Better Body Yoga, perfect for people who are looking to stay fit and healthy through various forms of yoga workouts, this app features tips covering yoga basics, safety,
technique and exercises for the upper body, lower body and core.

Celebrate Free App February with BlackBerry World! an app a day for free!

Celebrate Free App February with BlackBerry World! an app a day for free!

February 6, 2014
Celebrate Free App February with BlackBerry World!
Kuala Lumpur, 6 February 2014 – BlackBerry, a world leader in mobile communications, has a line-up of exciting offers for the month of February. From a free bundle of popular games to a series of daily app giveaways, BlackBerry 10 users are sure to have something to look forward to in this month of love and friendship.

In celebration of this romantic month, BlackBerry will be holding its Valentine’s Day Free Giveaway promotion from the 8th to the 14th of February. During this period, BlackBerry 10 users across the region will enjoy downloading an app a day for free. Send your partner a romantic message on BBM with the Mega Emoji – Premium Messages Gadget app, get fit with a friend through Better Body Yoga, or record your sweet musings using Call Recorder 10 to make moments last a lifetime.

BlackBerry’s Valentine’s Day Free Giveaway Promo
8 February: Better Body Yoga
9 February: Call Recorder 10
10 February: Mega Emoji – Premium Messages Gadget
11 February: Talking Animated Smileys for BBM, WhatsApp and Line
12 February: Max Contact Manager
13 February: InstaVenue
14 February: Wallpaper Sky Pro

BlackBerry users unable to wait until the 8th of February need not worry as BlackBerry currently has a “Best of EA Games” promotion running until the 19th of this month. This promotion enables all Asia Pacific users to download a bundle of 15 popular games at no cost.

Games in the bundle include the popular titles Plants vs. Zombies, Need for Speed Undercover, Tetris, YAHTZEE Adventures, The Game of Life, Monopoly Millionaire, and more.

To take advantage of these exciting offers, BlackBerry users can visit BlackBerry World from their BlackBerry 10 smartphone, tap on the respective promo, click on the “Free” button and enjoy.

About BlackBerry

A global leader in mobile communications, BlackBerry® revolutionized the mobile industry when it was introduced in 1999. Today, BlackBerry aims to inspire the success of our millions of customers around the world by continuously pushing the boundaries of mobile experiences. Founded in 1984 and based in Waterloo, Ontario, BlackBerry operates offices in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America. The Company trades under the ticker symbols “BB” on the Toronto Stock Exchange and “BBRY” on the NASDAQ. For more information, visit http://www.blackberry.com.

Native Instagram Client, iGrann, Now Available in BlackBerry World

Native Instagram Client, iGrann, Now Available in BlackBerry World

While BlackBerry users may still not have official support for Instagram, there is one great app now available in BlackBerry World call iGrann, the most popular BlackBerry 10 Instagram client has left beta, and officially landed in BlackBerry World.

Now if you don’t know, iGrann is a full on Instagram app. It’s not just a launcher, or a picture viewer. It will let you do pretty much everything that you can on the official app. The feature list below goes into a little more.

iGrann features list:

  • Register an account
  • Browse Feed, Photos & Videos
  • Upload Photots
  • Add Photos to Map
  • Auto Share to Facebook and Twitter
  • Share Photos & Videos
  • Tag Photos
  • Apply native filters and frame photos
  • Like and Unlike Photos & Videos
  • Comment Photos & Videos
  • Receive Notifications
  • Explore Popular Photos & Videos
  • Browse Profiles
  • Follow and Unfollow Users
  • Search Users & Hashtags
  • View News
  • ReGrann Photos
  • Edit your Profile
  • Download Photos & Videos
  • And much, much more…

Currently not available but will be implemented in later features

Instagram Direct
Video uploads
Instagram filters
iGrann for BlackBerry is also 100% free, but if this developer has put some serious work into this app, so definitely consider making a donation at iGrann.com

Twitter version 10.2.2 removed from BlackBerry World due to reported issues

Twitter version 10.2.2 removed from BlackBerry World due to reported issues

BlackBerry has reported in their blog today that the latest version of Twitter has been removed from BlackBerry World due to user reported issues. If you’re running version 10.2.2 and experiencing issues, you can simply downgrade for now until a fix is found (at which point 10.2.2 will go live once again).

To downgrade, perform the following steps:

1) On the home screen, hold the Twitter icon until the X appears. Press the X to delete the
2) Open BlackBerry World.
3) In BlackBerry World go to Settings by swiping down from the top of the screen.
4) Select -> General -> Refresh BlackBerry World.
5) Search for Twitter in BlackBerry World
6) Install Twitter version 10.2.1

Doing so should get you fixed up for now. We will update you know when a new version goes live again.

25 Days of Gifts BlackBerry World – Day 25 Final

25 Days of Gifts BlackBerry World - Day 25 Final

Well folks good things will always come to an end, and today its Christmas and BlackBerry have given us 25 days of different free Games and useful Applications. Today you can download Kiwi Wonder, challenge your friends in this game and see who can score the highest. BBRY4U would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas!!