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iPhone Fan Impressed with BlackBerry Z30 (Video)

A very nice posting in N4BB :Dan Nessel, the founder of DadDoes.com is a big iPhone fan, who can’t imagine a day without an iPhone. However, Dan decided to take the BlackBerry Gets It Done 7 day challenge by replacing his iPhone 5 with a BlackBerry Z30.

To his surprise, he begins liking the BlackBerry Z30 more than the iPhone 5. Dan was very impressed with the 5-inch display, the huge battery life, BlackBerry Hub, and touch screen software keyboard which are just few of the features he really enjoyed.

The ONLY negative point he found in the platform was lack of apps but hey, we now have Android apps injection which unfortunately Dan couldn’t play around with. Furthermore, Dan explained that when it comes to things like E-mail, messaging, making calls, and web browsing, he preferred using the BlackBerry Z30 over his iPhone 5 90% of the time.

Check out Dan’s progression towards dropping the iPhone in favor for the BlackBerry Z30 in the video above.