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Blackgram for BlackBerry 10 Updated to v5.0.1.5010

Blackgram for BlackBerry 10 Updated to v5.0.1.5010

Blackgram, the first Instagram app for BlackBerry 10, has received a significant update. AppStars pushed out version, which brings a ton of bug fixes and many new features.

Here is the list of updates:-

•Fix: image editor crash
•Fix: auto-renew of expired/invalid access token
•Fix: scrolling issues and image sizes on 720p devices
•Fix: improved image editing interface on Q10 and Q5
•Fix: improved post detail visualization on Q10 and Q5
•Fix: minor fixes for like/unlike/follow/unfollow comment actions
•New: overall performance boost for page scrolling and page navigations
•New: loading of images and feeds optimized and sped up
•New: added links for ‘@’ tags to the relative user page
•New: added continuous scrolling for main feed, personal feed, user posts, tag posts, etc.
•New: ability to rotate images (outside image editor) before upload
•New: ability to open videos with the native phone media player
•New: added new shortcut menus to the ‘more’ button bar for a better usability
•New: progress feedback of like/unlike actions
•New: ‘go to top’ button added in personal feed and comments (useful on long pages)


BlackGram brings the Native Instagram App experience for BlackBerry 10

BlackGram brings the Native Instagram App experience for BlackBerry 10

For those waiting for Instagram, BlackGram is now bringing the Native Instagram App experience for you, it features most of the essential features that you need for Instagram:-

Main features:
– account creation
– profile picture change
– full browsing: followers, following, liked.
– search users and tags
– like, unlike, comment, follow and unfollow
– select a picture from your albums or take a photo with the camera
– edit the image with the integrated editor and native filters
– original Instagram™ filters (server-side)

currently the App is hidden in BlackBerry world as the developer is performing fine tuning before releasing it, once its open for purchase we will provide you the update.

You can now download BlackGram from BlackBerry World now RM 9.00 which is quite a good deal.