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BlackBerry Still Owns 26.9% of Mexico’s Smartphone Market Share According to CIU Study

BlackBerry Still Owns 26.9% of Mexico’s Smartphone Market Share According to CIU Study

A new study conducted by the Competitive Intelligence Unit throughout the third trimester of 2013 shows the people of one of the world’s largest countries, Mexico, still love their BlackBerry devices. The CIU concluded BlackBerry’s market share in the Latin American nation is at 26.9% going into 2014. Now, that may seem like a lot, but unfortunately, as Mexico’s Yucatan points out, BlackBerry’s smartphone market share has actually fallen 20% in Mexico to that 26.9% figure.

That being said, in a time when BlackBerry’s worldwide market share is just above 4%, seeing a sizeable chunk of one country still using their devices shows there’s still potential there for growth with the existing userbase. Australia, for example, also saw an increase in BlackBerry market share last year. Maybe these are also areas the company should be focusing on along with Indonesia, and Malaysia.

According to the Yucatan, the reason Mexicans are still siding with their BlackBerry devices has to do with their regionally available apps made specifically for them. Apps like “En Que Gaste?” (Literally, “What Did I Spend Money On?”) made by Mexican developers for BlackBerry, have kept the interest in the platform alive. BlackBerry’s LATAM Developer Relations team does an incredible job with developers in Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central, and South America hoping to get this type of interest. It seems in some aspects, it’s definitely paying off.