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Easy Notes Built for BlackBerry 10 updated to v1.0.1.12

Easy Notes Built for BlackBerry 10 updated to v1.0.1.12

Easy Notes have release an update to allow better notes taking for your BlackBerry experience with:

– Optimize and change UIs
– Add Setting or cancel ‘important’ sign
– Change view of image notes
– Add leading visual display mode of the note list


Easy Notes Built for BlackBerry 10 updated to v1.0.1.2

Easy Notes Built for BlackBerry 10 updated to  v1.0.1.2

Easy Notes the most popular native notes app for BlackBerry have received an update to v1.0.1.2 with the following changes:-

– Creating image notes from image files
– Adding vibrations and yellow LED flashing when call recording
– Fix the bug that font size is too small when editing the text notes
– Cancel the restrictions of almost all functions
– notes number changed from 10 to 8

Easy Notes have updated to v1.0.0.23

Easy Notes have updated to v1.0.0.23

Easy Notes v1.0.0.23 comes with the below update:-

– Adding function of managing Image Notes (Take picture from camera)
– Supporting Z30
– Add ad banner
here is a brief of what is Easy Notes for those who is new:-

Easy Notes is the most popular native notes app for blackberry 10. It is very friendly and convenient in use and allows you to record everything

you can think of in the shortest possible time.

Adding and managing ‘text’,’audio’and ‘image’ three types notes easily and quickly.


※ Add and manage ‘text’,’audio’ and ‘image’ three types notes;
※ Can be set to “important” flag;
※ Title or Content Keyword search;
※ Text notes :
Set to “Completed” status
Copy to clipboard
Save to Calendar
Save to Remember
Save to TXT file
※ Audio notes :
Edit title
Set to “Completed” Status
Copy to shared folder
※ Image notes :
View,save and share the full-size image file
Edit description text
Share text
Set to “Completed” Status

※ Sort by Create time and “completed” status
※ Bulk delete “completed” or all notes
※ Notes the number of statistics
※ Add the App to Share list,easy to share(add) plain text
※ Beautiful and smooth UI design
※ Support Chinese, English
※ Support Z10,Z30,Q10 and Q5
※ Backup notes to SD card and restore from SD card.