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Evernote enters Beta 4 in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

Evernote enters Beta 4 in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

For those testing the Evernote in BlackBerry Beta Zone, it is now upgraded to Beta 4, head on to the Zone to download it.

What’s new in Evernote Beta 4?

Autotitle: uses location and calendar information to automatically set new note titles
Offline notebook (Premium only): download content for offline access
Send a note by email
Linked Notes support: links must be created in web or desktop client; tapping a link opens the linked note in Evernote
Bug fixes and other improvements

Evernote for BlackBerry 10 updated to v5.1.1.215

Evernote today have release a minor update to v5.1.1.215 where the update fixes an issue preventing sign in.

Evernote is an application that allows you to save everything from anywhere such as notes, web snippets, business cards and a lot more. With Evernote you can access your saved documents anywhere.