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Herrle’s Country Farm uses BlackBerry to assist its business

BlackBerry’s Developer Relations team collaborated with local shop owner and BlackBerry enthusiast, Trevor Herrle-Braun owner of Herrle’s Country Farm Market, about an exciting new concept to help increase the visibility of the Herrle brand.

Using the existing elements of the Herrle’s Country Farm Market webpage, the Developer Relations team at BlackBerry built the foundation of a mobile app that would leverage the existing functionality of the BlackBerry 10 platform.

Having a strong desire to create a mobile app for his farm but needing the technical ability to create it, BlackBerry Developers assisted Braun to create an app that fit all of his needs. As a result, in less than 2 weeks Trevor had a fully functional BlackBerry 10 mobile app for his local shop – Herrle Country Farm Market.

The app has a variety of features beyond the basics of connecting with the business:

#Foursquare check-in
#Integration with BlackBerry Maps for directions
#The news feed from the company website
#The harvest schedule showing what produce is in
#Integration with the native Twitter and Facebook apps,
taking the users to the social media pages for Herrle’s
Country Farm Market