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iGrann – Client for Instagram for BlackBerry 10 updated

iGrann - Client for Instagram for BlackBerry 10 updated

The first full native of a free client for Instagram meant for BlackBerry 10 have now updated tov1.0.5.1:-

– There was a problem on some OS levels that caused the upload to work the first time the
app starts. This is fixed in this release.
– Everyone should download this release to fix the issue.


IGrann Client for Instagram for BlackBerry 10 updated to v1.0.1.6

IGrann Client for Instagram for BlackBerry 10 updated to v1.0.1.6

IGrann a very useful Client for Instagram have now release an update to v1.0.1.6 with the following updates:-
Changes in version of iGrann:

Update photo issues (Fixed)
Send Request Multiple Toast (Fixed)
Follow Disappear when Accept Request (Fixed)
Search by name – check space on search (Fixed)
No error when changing username on profile edit (Fixed)
Customer search 4square on Photo Map (Implemented)
No permissions error (Implemented)
No Facebook post or photo map if it is already from previous upload remember (Fixed)
Emoji ussue Q10 cutoff (Fixed)
Check FB share blank login (Fixed)
With Regranning if the pic has no caption on it the ReGrann wont include the user ID (Fixed)
Issues with timestamps (Fixed)
Scroll refresh again explore (Fixed)
Add confirmation when picture is going to be deleted (Implemented)

As you can see, a pretty extensive update indeed. Hit the link below, leave those reviews in BlackBerry World and let the developer know what else you’d like added into the application. Great to see continued support from the developer on this huge project for BlackBerry 10. Building this application was hardly easy and supporting it while it’s free is an even greater task. Head over to iGrann.com if you’re feeling generous and give a donation to support future updates and improvements. Overall this is solid maintenance build well worth the update.

Download iGrann for BlackBerry 10 in BlackBerry World

Native Instagram Client, iGrann, Now Available in BlackBerry World

Native Instagram Client, iGrann, Now Available in BlackBerry World

While BlackBerry users may still not have official support for Instagram, there is one great app now available in BlackBerry World call iGrann, the most popular BlackBerry 10 Instagram client has left beta, and officially landed in BlackBerry World.

Now if you don’t know, iGrann is a full on Instagram app. It’s not just a launcher, or a picture viewer. It will let you do pretty much everything that you can on the official app. The feature list below goes into a little more.

iGrann features list:

  • Register an account
  • Browse Feed, Photos & Videos
  • Upload Photots
  • Add Photos to Map
  • Auto Share to Facebook and Twitter
  • Share Photos & Videos
  • Tag Photos
  • Apply native filters and frame photos
  • Like and Unlike Photos & Videos
  • Comment Photos & Videos
  • Receive Notifications
  • Explore Popular Photos & Videos
  • Browse Profiles
  • Follow and Unfollow Users
  • Search Users & Hashtags
  • View News
  • ReGrann Photos
  • Edit your Profile
  • Download Photos & Videos
  • And much, much more…

Currently not available but will be implemented in later features

Instagram Direct
Video uploads
Instagram filters
iGrann for BlackBerry is also 100% free, but if this developer has put some serious work into this app, so definitely consider making a donation at iGrann.com

Native BlackBerry 10 Instagram client iGrann goes into beta 3

Native BlackBerry 10 Instagram client iGrann goes into beta 3

iGrann the native clietn for Instagram on BlackBerry is now in Beta 3 and comes with a lot of fixes and new features that are very much welcome.

What’s new in beta 3?

  • Location icon gets squished if location name is too long (Fixed)
  • Can not click profile/pictures in news page (Fixed)
  • Can not click usernames/hashtags in comments (Fixed)
  • Can not click usernames/hashtags in feed using modern ui (Fixed)
  • Not results are returned if username starts with “@” when searching (Fixed)
  • Not results are returned if hashtag starts with “#” when searching (Fixed)
  • Error message is returned if caption contains returns when uploading photos (Fixed)
  • Error message is returned if message contains certain smilies when commenting (Fixed)
  • Caption box is populated with previous text (Fixed)
  • Spelling checker and Word substitution do not work when commenting or uploading photos (Fixed)
  • Unfollow does not work (Fixed)
  • Support 10.1 (Implemented)
  • Native UI for News (Implemented)
  • Notifications (Implemented)
  • Active Frame (Implemented)
  • ReGrann photo (Implemented)
  • Friendly design for 720×720 (Implemented)
  • Keyboard shortcuts (Implemented)
  • Edit Profile (Implemented)
  • Liked Posts (Implemented)
  • Follow Request for Private Users (Implemented)
  • Accept Follow Requests (Implemented)

iGrann: Native Instagram Client for BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry Community have been waiting for Instagram since BB10 was launch, even thought the official Instagram is not available yet there is IGrann:

A quick video showing iGrann, a native instagram client for Blackberry 10. In this video:
* Splash Screen
* Log In Screen with auto complete of saved account
* Feed Page with Modern Design
* Like Media
* Unlike Media
* Play Video
* Feed Scrolling
* Feed Update
* Explore Page
* Explore Scrolling
* Search User
* Search Hashtag
* Photo Upload with editing options