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BlackBerry’s QNX To Replace Microsoft In Ford’s In Sync System

BlackBerry’s QNX To Replace Microsoft In Ford’s In Sync System

Ford will be replacing Microsoft’s in Sync system with BlackBerry’s QNX for their in-car technologies going forward. This is according to a report from Bloomberg published today. People close to the matter suggest Ford is moving to QNX for a variety of reasons, including cost. QNX will be less expensive than licensing Microsoft technology, and it will improve the flexibility and speed of the next Sync system. Bloomberg’s sources have chosen to remain anonymous because this move has still not officially been publicized.

Striking a deal with Ford would be a huge win for BlackBerry and QNX, as they face great competition in the next few years in the in-car technology realm with Apple and Google gearing up to join them in that business.

Representatives from Ford, and BlackBerry have declined to comment, but if this indeed ends up happening, we’re sure to hear about it soon.


QNX At CES 2014 With Three Connected Cars – Including the Mercedes-Benz CLA45

QNX At CES 2014 With Three Connected Cars – Including the Mercedes-Benz CLA45

The team from QNX is once again at CES, and this year they’ll not only show off one car, but three. The trio of rides includes two technology concept cars and the QNX reference vehicle.

A Mercedes CLA45 AMG will be outfitted with all kinds of QNX goodies including vehicle-to-vehicle calling, multiple navigation engines, rear-seat interaction and more. A Kia Soul will be showing off QNX Acoustics technology with Engine Sound Enhancement, QNX Acoustics for Active Noise Control and more. Lastly the reference vehicle will be making its second appearance at CES with a QNX infotainment system.


Check out the full press release below and stay tuned for more on QNX from CES!

Press release

From the latest advancements in car infotainment, acoustics technology, navigation engines, and natural speech recognition, this year at 2014 CES QNX Software Systems is showcasing a unique and seamless way to interact with a vehicle, where consumers can interact with the car in a natural way – in much the same way they speak with friends and family.

At 2104 CES, QNX Software Systems will demonstrate not just one car, but three vehicles with new features and capabilities. This includes two new technology concept cars and the QNX reference vehicle:

New technology concept car based on a modified Mercedes CLA45: The new technology concept car will showcase the next 3-5 years of automotive innovation. Powered by the QNX CAR Platform for Infotainment, the vehicle will feature:

Fullband stereo duplex vehicle-to-vehicle calling with the QNX technology concept car for Acoustics
Natural speech recognition technology from Nuance
Multiple navigation engines from Elektrobit, Kotei Navi & Data, Aisin AW, and Nokia HERE
Rear-seat interaction featuring native apps for tablets and phones that allow passengers to interact with the car
Support for Android Jellybean apps, including iHeartRadio
A HTML5 keyfob app that control windows, door locks, and even the car media player that is powered by new Big Data start-up, DotLinker
A reconfigurable digital instrument cluster
Bluetooth pairing
A media player that includes a cloud-based music service as well as support for other media

QNX technology concept car for Acoustics based on a modified Kia Soul: For the first time at CES, QNX Software Systems will have a vehicle specifically focused on QNX Acoustics technology. This technology concept car will demonstrate:

Advanced hands-free capabilities, including narrowband, wideband, and fullband stereo calling to the technology concept car based on a modified Mercedes CLA45
The recently announced QNX Acoustics for Active Noise Control, a high-performance software solution for dramatically reducing unwanted engine noise inside passenger vehicles
Engine Sound Enhancement (ESE) technology designed to playback synthesized engine sound over the vehicle speakers and synchronized with the engine’s rev. More and more vehicles today use engine management techniques to reduce fuel consumption (eg. variable cylinder management, low engine torque). These technologies are changing the way engines sound, and OEMs have a desire to maintain their ‘signature engine sounds’ and cater to vehicle enthusiasts.

QNX reference vehicle: The QNX reference vehicle based on a modified Jeep Wrangler Sahara is making its second appearance at CES. It will showcase the capabilities of the QNX CAR Platform for Infotainment, and for the first time, Qualcomm processors. The QNX reference vehicle will also feature an IBM cloud services demo, including IBM’s MessageSight, InfoSphere Streams, and Worklight products for performing remote, real-time control and analytics of car sensor data.

Additional booth demos: QNX Software Systems will also feature a partner area showcasing two Japanese vendors: Aisin AW, a navigation engine provider, and HI Corporation, a provider of digital instrument cluster technology. There will also be a demonstration from QNX customer Rockwell Collins, showcasing in-flight entertainment powered by the QNX CAR Platform.