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Typic + the app that is available on iOS have come to BlackBerry 10

Typic + the app that is available on iOS have come to BlackBerry 10

Camera applications are certainly all the rage these days on all mobile platforms. Typic+ brings us a rather nice port for BlackBerry 10 option which isn’t just about adding filters, but text as well and as you’ll see from the video there are a ton of tweaks and alterations you can make. If you enjoy taking photos with your BlackBerry you won’t want to miss this one.

With the ability to add text to your photos in addition to adding filters, funky designs and frames, each of the aforementioned have there own customization, therefore making Typic+ a lot more complex than you may initially think.

Features include:

  • 35 AMAZING FONTS (49 more with In App Purchase) to express yourself through typography.
  • 36 TRENDY DESIGN ELEMENTS (48 more with In App Purchase) that will make your photos very unique.
  • Change size, color, add shadow and opacity for each element, and move them around using the control arrows!
  • Create infinite designs!
  • 21 COOL FRAMES with corner control.
  • A 21 color palette that you can apply to fonts and design elements.
  • Play around with the colors that better suit your designs!
  • A button at the top to change between captions, so you can write two different captions using two different fonts. Switching between captions to modify each caption is easy with a single touch!
  • Choose the best filter and effect for your photos.
  • Share your photos on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!
  • Email it to your friends or save it on your device!

Open Standards and Cross Platform Development for BES10

BYOD is a reality in enterprise that brings challenges to IT and development staff. Learn how BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 and the cross platform application development support BlackBerry provides can help with the development and deployment of enterprise apps across, BlackBerry, iOS and Android devices. For more information visit http://www.developer.blackberry.com

Next up for BBM… a preview of what is coming!

The BBM team haven’t slowed down since launching BBM for iPhone and Android in October and BBM Channels for BlackBerry 10 and BBOS in November. They have been working on some new ways to make it faster and easier to share with your BBM contacts. Whether it’s talking with BBM Voice, connecting over a BBM Channel, sending a quick photo, or even sharing your location, there’s more to BBM than just chatting. Here’s what’s up next from BBM:

1. BBM Voice for iPhone and Android

bbmscreen1Or as I like to say, free voice calls to any BBM contact anywhere in the world! Just another way that BBM helps to bring you together with people when you can’t be there in person – without having to pay long distance charges

2. BBM Channels for iPhone and Android

bbmscreens21BBM Channels are a great way to join conversations happening with the BBM community beyond your contact list. By creating your own channel you can start conversations sparked by your thoughts, ideas and passions. Subscribing to a BBM channel lets you join conversations with others who share your interests.

3. Faster and easier sharing – from photos to voice notes, your location and more

bbmscreens3BBM chats happen fast – so fast it’s like you’re there in the same room. Now you can share just about anything with that same speed. Share photos in a snap, send a voice note with just one touch and more. And get this, you can even share your location, live, for a limited time with any contact you choose. When the timer runs out your location is private again. Perfect for when you’re meeting up with friends, stuck in traffic or lost at a concert

4. Lots of new emoticons

bbmemoticonsSpeaking of emoticons, ask and ye shall receive. We’ve got loads of new emoticons to help you make your point. 100 new emoticons in all! This includes a bunch that came from you, our fans. We can’t wait for you to meet all our new emoticons from ROTFL, Epic Fail, Face palm, a serious hug and yes, even a smiley-poo.

Over 40 Million iOS and Android users now on BBM in Last 60 Days!

Over 40 Million iOS and Android users now on BBM  in Last 60 Days!

In BlackBerry’s announcement of their Q3 fiscal 2014 earnings report it was unveiled BBM’s latest statistics. BlackBerry has announced that over 40 million new registered iOS and Android users in the last 60 days.

More than a dozen Android OEMs to preload BBM, including most recently LG. So far, over 250,000 BBM Channels have been created by global user base since launch of BBM Channels on BlackBerry, including large brands such as Coke Indonesia and USA Today.

To date, BBM is the most secure mobile messaging service for use in regulated enterprises.

40 Million is big number and a solid base from BBM to continue to build on. Hopefully we’ll see new features in 2014, along with a continued push to market and grow the base

Secure Work Space for iOS and Android with BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10

Is your company embracing BYOD culture? no problem use BlackBerry Secure WorkSpace to protect and secure your devices running from iOS and Android. And with your BlackBerry devices running on BlackBerry Balance you have secured your BYOD devices for your company.

Secure Work Space is a new containerization, application-wrapping and secure connectivity option for iOS and Android devices, all managed through BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10. Secure Work Space extends BlackBerry security to iOS and Android without the need for a VPN infrastructure. The straightforward deployment, unified console management, and availability of global support allow your business and IT department to confidently manage BYOD and corporate-owned devices with efficiency, security, and high functionality.

BBM for iPhone Updated to, fixed iOS7 bugs

BBM for iPhone Updated to, fixed iOS7 bugs

Earlier in our update for those user that updated to iOS 7 have issues with BBM crashing randomly. BlackBerry was quick to issue an update and bring BBM to version This update will fix the bugs in iOS7 that causes the crash. If you don’t have your App Store set to auto-update, you can now manually upgrade BBM from the App Store https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bbm/id690046600

BlackBerry is working on a fix for BBM on iOS 7.0.3

BlackBerry is working on a fix for BBM on iOS 7.0.3

If you are iPhone users that upgraded to iOS 7.0.3, you may have noticed the BBM isn’t cooperating with the new update. Some users encounter problems where their BBM will crash during opening or when sending message.

The issue lies with the font that BBM uses, “HelveticaNeue-Italic”, and the fact that it was removed in the 7.0.3 update. This is causing various issues within BBM on iOS and making it crash in certain scenarios.

The BBM team have assure us that they are looking into the issue and will be releasing a fix pretty soon.