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BBM Downloads for iOS, Android Hit Over 5 Million in just 8 hours

BBM Downloads for iOS, Android Hit Over 5 Million in just 8 hours

BBM for Android and iOS has seen alot of interest. In the weeks before launch, BlackBerry saw over 6 million users lodge interest in the social networking app.

When it was released, we saw BBM shoot up in Apple’s App Store to #1 spot as of now and hit #1 around the world. The interest for BBM is fantastic.

BlackBerry rolled out BBM in a staggered launch, with users who did not originally lodge interest having to wait in line. A recent tweet from BlackBerry, 8hrs later revealed the company was approving an additional 5 million users in just 8 hours!

BBM is already topping the Top Free iPhone Apps chart

BBM is already topping the Top Free iPhone Apps chart

With the relaunch of BBM on iOS, we have now see the demand for BBM download top of the chart in iOS AppStore for free apps. Canada and the UK has already gone to #1 in Top Free iPhone Apps chart, and in the USA it’s currently sitting at #2 and we believe it will be at the #1 anytime. BBM already have over six million pre-registrations, and those that have not register will have to be on the waiting list as BlackBerry register them for BBM,

Do note that BBM is a secure messaging service compare to others which are less secure in the market.

BlackBerry Relaunches BBM for iOS and Android today

BlackBerry Relaunches BBM for iOS and Android today

For those using IOS and Android the wait for BBM is finally over, BlackBerry have today relaunch BBM for both platforms, amid a delay after the initial launch user’s can now head to the Google Play and App Store to download it.

BBM Roll Out Details:

1.Download BBM – the easiest way is to visit BBM.com from your Android or iPhone browser*
2.Once you install the app, open it, and enter your email address to hold your spot in line
3.We will email you as soon as you reach the front of the line and can start using BBM
If you are among the millions that took the time to sign up at BBM.com, you can start using BBM immediately without waiting in line.* If you didn’t sign up in advance, don’t worry – we are focused on moving millions of customers through the line as fast as possible.

Our team of developers and engineers has been working around the clock to bring you BBM – and make some upgrades while we’re at it – and some incredible work has been done. I look forward to sharing more of this with you here, on Inside BlackBerry, soon.

For updates on how quickly the line is moving you can follow @BBM on Twitter. I will be back tomorrow with another post to provide you with an update on the line-up and to share more detail about the work the team has done over the last several weeks.

Lastly, thank you for your patience. We know you’re excited (we are too!) and we look forward to having you join us on BBM.

*Please note that during the initial rollout not all users will be able to access BBM immediately and may have to sign up to be notified when access is available*

The Best Typing experience from BlackBerry virtual keyboard

The Best Typing experience from BlackBerry virtual keyboard

This is by far the best keyboard i have ever use comparing with iOS and Android keyboard, this new BlackBerry 10 keyboard is smart enough to learn your words and will auto suggest the next best words for you, virtually allowing you to swipe up to get the entire word to the screen. It is currently available on the Z10 and the newly launch Z30 smartphone.