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This Hacker Just Proved Why You Should Stick With BlackBerry


N4BB reported:-
Most BlackBerry users are BlackBerry users for the smartphones’ most notable feature: security. BlackBerry 10 and legacy BBOS is nearly impenetrable, as two of the most secure enterprise and consumer smartphone operating systems of choice.

Unfortunately, for your friends with an Apple iPhone or iPad, who live in Australia or New Zealand, they haven’t enjoyed such security. Just when they thought they could sleep easy at night, they were awaken to a seemingly bizarre message.

Many users awoke to an alarming sound with a message on the screen reading “Device hacked by Oleg Pliss” and a demand of between $50 and $100 to unlock it.

How did the hacker compromise these devices? The exploit uses the “Find My iPhone” feature, which allows users to remotely lock their iPhones and iPads via iCloud in case the devices are lost or stolen.

Apple hasn’t yet publicly commented yet on the major vulnerability. Some users have reported they could get around the hack if they had previously used a passcode and then restored via iTunes.

For those who didn’t use a passcode, they were in for a little harder recovery as the hacker had made a passcode for them. Though, it may be possible to enter the wrong code six times to disable the phone and then restore it using iTunes.

Apple has been taking a beating lately in terms of security. Recently it was revealed that email attachments were not encrypted in iOS 7+, despite it being a feature Apple repeatedly touted.

Nevertheless, this is just one of many instances where a competing platform has inadvertently helped give BlackBerry another leg to stand on.


iPhone Fan Impressed with BlackBerry Z30 (Video)

A very nice posting in N4BB :Dan Nessel, the founder of DadDoes.com is a big iPhone fan, who can’t imagine a day without an iPhone. However, Dan decided to take the BlackBerry Gets It Done 7 day challenge by replacing his iPhone 5 with a BlackBerry Z30.

To his surprise, he begins liking the BlackBerry Z30 more than the iPhone 5. Dan was very impressed with the 5-inch display, the huge battery life, BlackBerry Hub, and touch screen software keyboard which are just few of the features he really enjoyed.

The ONLY negative point he found in the platform was lack of apps but hey, we now have Android apps injection which unfortunately Dan couldn’t play around with. Furthermore, Dan explained that when it comes to things like E-mail, messaging, making calls, and web browsing, he preferred using the BlackBerry Z30 over his iPhone 5 90% of the time.

Check out Dan’s progression towards dropping the iPhone in favor for the BlackBerry Z30 in the video above.

BBM Voice and BBM Channels Now Available for Android and iPhone Customers

BBM Voice and BBM Channels Now Available for Android and iPhone Customers


February 14, 2014

BBM Voice and BBM Channels Now Available for Android and iPhone Customers

New features also include simple file and photo sharing, location sharing, over 100 new emoticons and Dropbox integration for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry Smartphones

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – A new version of BBM™ will be available later today for Android™, iPhone and BlackBerry® (NASDAQ: BBRY; TSX: BB) customers, giving them lots of exciting new features. Android and iPhone customers will now be able to make free voice calls to BBM contacts over a Wi-Fi® or data connection with BBM Voice*, as well as access BBM Channels. In addition, BBM customers on Android, iPhone and BlackBerry** smartphones will have more to chat about with fast one-click sharing of photos, documents, voice notes and more. BBM customers will also be able to share their live location for a specified amount of time with other BBM contacts by using location sharing, powered by Glympse, and will have 100 new emoticons available to help them say what’s on their mind.

“BBM continues to deliver new functionality as a premier messaging platform that provides a simple and effective way to stay connected. Today’s announcement gives Android and iPhone customers the rich experience of BBM Voice and BBM Channels – two great ways to connect with friends, family and colleagues, to build out communities around shared interests, and to follow your favorite people and brands,” said John Sims, President, Global Enterprise Solutions at BlackBerry. “BBM continues to quickly evolve as a social mobile platform for consumers as well as for business customers through innovative features that give you great new ways to connect and share with each other.”

BBM Channels

BBM Channels lets customers chat with other BBM users about topics that interest them. Customers can join channels about a range of topics from products, hobbies and sports to entertainment, fashion, cars and more. Channels can be created by brands, businesses and BBM customers alike and are a great way to communicate directly and immediately with people who share common interests in the broader BBM community.

By posting to their channel, channel owners immediately reach their subscribers with a message that can spark discussions. “Scheduled chat hours” allow BBM customers to have live chats with the channel owner – a great way to engage directly with their favorite channels one on one.

BBM Channels maintains the BBM core values of immediacy, privacy and control. Because BBM Channels live right inside BBM, BBM customers get notified the moment one of the channels they follow has a new post, or when someone responds to their comments.

With BBM Channels, customers can engage with brands or other customers without having to add them to their contact lists, thereby maintaining a high level of privacy. With BBM Channels, customers have the discretion to opt in only to channel brands that are relevant to them and always have control over the channels they subscribe to, while channel owners have control over how subscribers interact with their channel.

For brands and businesses, BBM Channels provides a new way to interact and connect with a highly engaged and targeted mobile audience. There are thousands of brands already using BBM Channels to engage with their customers. More on BBM Channels:

o Open, yet private. Channel owners control the conversation on their channels. Channel owners can choose to: allow subscribers to comment on posts freely or to approve them first; let subscribers chat with them directly anytime, or set chat hours; they can interact with subscribers without ever giving out personal details, or adding them as a personal BBM Contact. And with private channels, channel owners can keep in touch with closer circles on an invite-only basis.

o Channel reporting. Each channel has its own performance dashboard built right in. Channel owners can see stats on how subscribers are engaging with their channel, how many people have viewed each post and how the subscriber base is growing.

o It’s fast and easy. Start a channel right from a BlackBerry, iPhone or Android smartphone. It only takes a few minutes to set up a BBM Channel and once it is set up, posting to it is as simple as choosing a photo and adding a short message.

Location Sharing

With location sharing powered by Glympse, customers can now share their real-time location with one or several BBM contacts for a specified amount of time – perfect for when people are running late, out with friends and more. BBM puts control in the customers’ hands, allowing them to specify how long they want to share their location for, by setting a timer. When the timer runs out the customers’ location becomes private again.

Dropbox Support

Built-in support for Dropbox™ makes it easy to send large files like presentations and videos. With Dropbox built in to BBM, you can send a file from your personal cloud directly to a BBM contact. On the receiving end, you can save the file directly to your smartphone or add it to your Dropbox account.


BBM customers have been asking for more emoticons, and now more than 100 new emoticons have been added to help you express yourself. Many of the new emoticons came from ideas submitted by customers!

BBM continues to connect friends, family and colleagues across a myriad of mobile networks, as the standard for mobile instant messaging with a fast, reliable, and engaging experience that puts control of privacy and personal information back in the customers’ hands.

Useful Links:

Read more about the latest of BBM here on Inside BlackBerry.

About BBM

Introduced in 2005, BBM set the standard for mobile instant messaging and continues to drive innovation in messaging and private social networking. Today, BBM is one of the largest private social mobile networks, driving real, active conversations. Customers love BBM for its privacy, controls and immediacy with Delivered and Read statuses and message-in-progress notices.

About BlackBerry

A global leader in mobile communications, BlackBerry® revolutionized the mobile industry when it was introduced in 1999. Today, BlackBerry aims to inspire the success of our millions of customers around the world by continuously pushing the boundaries of mobile experiences. Founded in 1984 and based in Waterloo, Ontario, BlackBerry operates offices in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America. The Company trades under the ticker symbols “BB” on the Toronto Stock Exchange and “BBRY” on the NASDAQ. For more information, visit http://www.blackberry.com.

* BBM customers and their contacts will need to have BBM Voice, a data plan and Wi-Fi coverage to make calls to each other. Data charges may apply.

**The new version of BBM on BlackBerry (BBM v.10.3) will be available on BlackBerry 10. BlackBerry OS5 and above will also be updated but will not include location sharing or Dropbox integration. For a full list of the new features of BBM, please visit http://www.bbm.com.

BBM updates for Android and iPhone, now available on iPad and iPod devices

BBM updates for Android and iPhone, now available on iPad and iPod devices

Good news for BBM lovers, BlackBerry not just releasing new updates for Android and IPhone users but they have bring BBM to iPad and iPod devices.

There are a good number of fixes and improvements in both, but having BBM available on even more devices is good for everyone.

BBM for Android

Support for BBM Contact Categories
BBM Group List sorting and filtering improvements
More options for sharing your BBM PIN Barcode
Find your friends on other social networks who are also using BBM
Addresses an issue where some users may have experienced higher battery use
BBM for iPhone

Support for iPod and iPad devices running iOS6 and iOS7
Improvements to right-to-left language support
More options for sharing your BBM PIN Barcode
Find your friends on other social networks who are also using BBM
Fixes an issue where some users would be missing BBM contact names