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Twitter for BlackBerry 10 Updated!

Twitter for BlackBerry 10 Updated!

Twitter for BlackBerry 10 smartphones have now release an update that brings it to v10.3.1.219. With the following changes:-

– Accept/Decline “Follower” request in app when using a restricted account
– Application launch time improvements, general improvements and bug fixes


WhatsApp Messenger for BlackBerry 10 updated!

WhatsApp Messenger for BlackBerry 10 updated!

WhatsApp have now release some new features for BlackBerry10 apps. This brings the version to v2.11.605.2 bringing the below updates:-

– New in-app media browser
– Improved face/proximity detection during voice message playback (10.2)
– Holding Alt while tapping Emoji on the Q-series now prevents the picker from closing
– Chat screen settings to change “Send” button behavior and show the floating action
bar(under “Advanced Settings”)
– Improved performance when opening chats from the hub
– Miscellaneous bug fixes
– Fixed startup issues on 10.0 and early 10.1

Viber finally commit to supporting BlackBerry 10

Viber finally commit to supporting BlackBerry 10

Back in October of 2013, Viber stated they had decided to no longer have plans to support BlackBerry 10. However, this plan of action seems to have changed, as Viber is looking for a BlackBerry 10 solution.

In response to a customer inquiry on Twitter, Viber replied, “We are working with BB on a solution that will allow us to bring Viber to BB10. Please follow us for updates coming soon!”

Hopefully we will see at least an Android port of the Viber app. Nevertheless, if you’re a Viber user, stay tuned for its BlackBerry 10 debut.