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Neato BotVac Robot Vacuum Cleans Up with BlackBerry QNX Technology

Neato BotVac Robot Vacuum Cleans Up with BlackBerry QNX Technology

QNX’s expansion in the automotive industry is palpable in 2014, but that’s not the only thing the company wants to be known for, apparently. A new Neato Robotics will be using QNX technology in its latest BotVac Robot Vacuum. Neato Robotics considered other operating systems, but chose the QNX OS for “its superior realtime performance and efficient use of system hardware,” as well as for its flexibility to support new product features.

“To maneuver reliably around pets, furniture, staircases, and other household objects, our autonomous home robots need fast, predictable response times, and the QNX OS has enabled our engineers to achieve very high performance on cost-effective hardware,” said Mike Perkins, vice president of engineering at Neato Robotics.

No, this vacuum doesn’t have BBM, and you won’t be able to communicate with it directly… yet. However, the QNX OS does provide the ability to be future-proof in a way, and adapt to whatever comes next for any type of technology. ”The QNX OS also helped us create a software architecture that can quickly accommodate new features, giving us the flexibility to scale product lines and deliver compelling new capabilities,” Perkins stated.

While this may seem like a tiny announcement, the fact that QNX isn’t sticking to just one thing is pretty amazing. Let’s see what they get built into next.