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Viber launched for BlackBerry 10

Viber launched for BlackBerry 10

Viber has announced they’ve finally made their app available on BlackBerry 10. After much deliberation from Viber, users on BlackBerry 10 can join their legacy BlackBerry counterparts.

“Our BlackBerry 10 app is a beautiful twist on our design,” Viber CEO Talmon Marco said, adding that the new app delivers “the most up to date experience for our users.”

The features of the Viber on BlackBerry 10 include Viber Out and the Viber Sticker Market. Other additions include:

s to Bs
Text with your friends in one-on-one and group conversations
Make free calls with HD sound quality
Share photos, videos, voice messages, locations, stickers and emoticons
Push notifications guarantee that you never miss a message or call, even when Viber is off
Support for the Viber Desktop application on Windows and Mac
Translated into 34 languages

Viber stated in a Tweet that the BlackBerry 10 version was now available. However, BlackBerry World doesn’t seem to have been updated to reflect its addition. Nevertheless, stay on the look out for it to hit BlackBerry World later today. We’ll update this post accordingly once it goes live.


New awesome game hit BlackBerry 10 – Total Conquest

New awesome games hit BlackBerry 10 - Total Conquest

Total Conquest from Gameloft Inc have now arrived to your BlackBerry 10, the game is free to download but consist of in game purchase such as buying virtual items.

Sound the call to battle and join legions of players online in a battle to control the Roman Empire! Total Conquest is an exciting and strategic social game where you are a Roman Governor developing your own city-state and army. But with Caesar dead, there’s no more playing games; You’ll need to join a powerful Legion- or forge your own – to defeat your enemies, protect your land and reign supreme. Vae Victis!

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light arrives on BlackBerry 10

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light arrives on BlackBerry 10

Great news for Lara Croft fans, now Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light have arrive on BlackBerry 10.

“…a fantastic dual stick shooter that will make any fan happy” 148apps.com
“…Guardian of Light sets a new standard… Pretty much an exact port of the XBLA and PSN title” Gamefront.com
“It’s a joy” GamesMaster

The wait is over! Fully optimised for the BlackBerry® PlayBook™, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is here, bringing the award-winning downloadable action/adventure to the palm of your hands.


Join Lara as she ventures deep into the jungles of central America in search of the Mirror of Smoke, a powerful artefact from a lost age. Whoever wields this item holds the future of mankind in his hands, with the power to rid the world of light. With the Mirror now in the hands of Xolotl, the God of Darkness, Lara and Totec, the Guardian of the Mirror, have until sunrise to defeat him or else plunge the world once again into an age of darkness.

Take-on Xolotl and his armies of creatures with an all-new intuitive and accessible touch-screen control system, letting you explore the world and solve the puzzles at your own pace.

• Fast-paced action/adventure gameplay
• Breathtaking environments
• Focussed puzzle solving
• Player upgrades and unlockable weapons
• Console-quality HD graphics

What BlackBerry QNX are capable of in the future

Recently Japan have manage to create a glasses that allows to translate real time, this is what was shown in this video. QNX is a powerful platform that was used in NASA Rockets, Cars, Machinery, hospital electronic equipments and many more.BlackBerry 10 is build from QNX and is now available in your Z10, Q10, Q5 and Z30 smartphones.