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SayIt Built for BlackBerry updated to v

SayIt Built for BlackBerry updated to v

SayIt a must have voice assistance specially built for BlackBerry have release an update to v with the following updates:-

– Add recorder timer for SayIt to run in background in order to avoid users press the
middle(Play/Pause) button unintentionally. The default recorder timer is 10s. Users can
change the recorder timer by accessing SayIt’s Settings and change the ” Background
Recorder timer”

– Fix no sound or notification on some devices when running SayIt on background mode.
– Change the notification sound
– Add preview dialogs when users press the midddle button to record or stop
– bug fixes


SayIt for BlackBerry 10 hits version 3.0 and goes headless

SayIt for BlackBerry 10 hits version 3.0 and goes headless

SayIt have been releasing update constantly – this time bringing a rather large feature – headless! This is something users have been wanting for a long time and should even encourage some further purchases now that the ‘Built for BlackBerry’ application doesn’t need to be constantly open in an Active Frame.

As you’ll see from the list below there are some additional features introduced, but this one is really all about being headless. Now if you need to use SayIt and you’ve made sure the app is open, you’ll just need to press the BlackBerry’s media key to activate.

New in SayIt version 3.0:

  • SayIt now can run in Headless Mode with Media Key activation. On the home screen/lock screen, press the side button (Play/Pause) then speak, press again to finish. SayIt will process your command in the background. SayIt will give you the answers instantly, no need to open the app
  • New places search engine
  • Navigation is supported
  • Nagivation with voice guidance
  • Bugs fixed for Z10 STL100-1
  • Various bugs fixed and performance improved

SayIt Built for BlackBerry updated to v2.6.0.0

SayIt Built for BlackBerry updated to v2.6.0.0

SayIt has been updated, once again, bringing some more great features to the already huge application. SayIt is a great tool similar to SIRI in Iphone.

New in this update:

– Command to get battery status, temperature, percent, graphics
– Change trigger sound
– Command to turn Bluetooth on/off
– Command to turn Wifi on/off
– Create new remember note. Command: “New note”
– Foursquare integration, Foursquare commands. Command: Foursquare + place
– More places nearby and enhance the accuracy of places search with the distance from
current location to the interested location
– Complex places finding such as: Japanese food nearby, Chinese restaurant nearby,
Cineplex cinema nearby,…
– Bugs fixed