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Tripomatic Built for BlackBerry10 Updated!

Tripomatic Built for BlackBerry10 Updated!

Tripomatic is a new type of sightseeing travel guide. Discover thousands of attractions in 400+ destinations worldwide. This incredible travel app have now updated to v1.2.1.0 bringing changes to:-

– Tours & Activities by Viator – book a tour directly from the app
– Rate Tripomatic
– New Icon and Logo
– Numerous bugfixes and performance improvements


A BlackBerry Z10 Practical Camera usage in Cambodia

A BlackBerry Z10 Practical Camera usage in Cambodia

IMG_20140320_072705 IMG_20140319_170949 IMG_20140320_072416

Recently I have travel to Cambodia on a site seeing mission for the UNESCO heritage, I and 2 friends we stay for 5 days in Siem Reap, both my friends have an I-phone and I brought along my Nikon DSLR and my trusty BlackBerry Z10. Believe me I was amaze after this trip on how great my phone is compare to others, especially when taking photos, the BlackBerry function that allows you to press anywhere on the screen to snap a photo allow me the flexibility to snap pictures when i have one hand full either holding my bags, or trying to balance on the rocky ruins of Angkor Watt and Bayon, my friends I phone do not allow them this flexibility as it is difficult to hold on one hand and try to reach the dedicated button on the screen on the other end.


I was surprise i took over 1000 plus of photo on my Z10, where my Nikon have over 400 plus, both my friends only manage to snap up to 300 plus photos, many photos that i took are with one hand, either a quick snap or trying to balance myself on the long way climb up the steep stairs of the ruins temples. I also took photo from my boat with one hand holding my bag and the other pressing my Z10 outside the boat to snaps photos. It shows BlackBerry phone are not just good for work but it also have a balance for leisure.


BlackBerry Z10 Camera stabilization works amazingly well, and my shots captured the details of the carvings and statues. The only down side is the battery life but with a single battery it can last me one full day of just picture snapping, I brought with me 3 spare batteries but rarely need to swap them much. Overall it was an enjoyable trip and my friends are impressed with my Z10, they even say they did not know BlackBerry have such high end phones.


With BlackBerry Story Maker, i have combined my Cambodia trip into a movie that I share with my friends, they admit that my Z10 camera is far more clearer compare to their phones. The video that i took have excellent qualities and i believe BlackBerry have design their phones based on practical usage and not just for decorative purpose. My trip was booked thru BlackBerry Travel and the app practically help me to keep track of my bookings, timings etc. What a wonderful app, it even tracks my airline booking that i book outside my BlackBerry Travel app.




I am sure that i will be using my Z10 to snap more photos in the future. Hopefully with more new updates BlackBerry can build in more features to the camera and that way i wont need my bulky DSLR for my travel.